Leftovers from the Sideshow - Digital Download EP

"Leftovers From the Sideshow" is an acoustic EP of previously unreleased demos from the Alt-Folk Singer-Songwriter. All three ballads were songs that were originally meant for films, but those films never made it completion. 

All Songs Written by Ross Crean
Copyright 2013 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP
All Rights Reserved

1) In Too Deep
Recorded at The Cottage, Glastonbury, England
Vocals, Piano, Guitar - Ross Crean

Originally written for a film called "Rose-Tinted World", about a rock
musician who comes back home to the rural town where he grew up, following
a friend's suicide.

2) Oh So Lonely
Recorded at Saint Xavier University, Chicago, IL
Vocals, Guitar - Ross Crean
Viola - Rebecca Keil

This was a song I wrote after "Lovers and Other Kinds of Monsters" was
released. It never seemed to fit on any project. Saint Xavier has an old
gymnasium that was converted for a rehearsal room for the university
choirs and orchestra. It was great just having Rebecca and I in this big
old gymnasium with natural acoustics. FYI: The first line of this song was
a direct quote. lol

3) I Know How the Story Goes
Recorded at World Music Company, Chicago, IL
Vocals & Piano - Ross Crean

This was a song from the "Lovers and Other Kinds of Monsters" sessions.
Obviously, it did not make it to the album. Just didn't seem to fit,
either. I recorded this at around 2 a.m. in the concert space at World
Music Company, where I used to teach voice lessons. My boss gave me a key
and let me practice there at night as much as I wanted. It was like a
second home.