Crònan An Maighdinn - Mhara (The Mermaid's Croon)

Ross Crean
Ross Crean


Crònan An Maighdinn-Mhara
(The Mermaid's Croon)

Ho! mo nigh’n dubh
He! mo nigh’n dubh
Mo nighean dubh
‘S tu mo chuachag. 
Caidil a luaidh
Fo chobhair nan stuadh
Air bodha na suain
'S do bhruadar 's a' cheòban
Caidil a ghraidh
O caidil mu thràth
Is t'athair air bhàigh
Is fadal mo phòig air
Eala rid' thaobh
Is roin os do chionn
Lacha Mhoire 's a' chaol
'S cha'n fhaobar bhrònag

Sleep beneath
The foam o’ the waves
On reefs of sleep
Dreaming in dew mist. 

Thy seabed
The seals o’er head
From reivers dread
Securely guarding 

While I croon,
White swan of the moon,
Wild duck of the sound,
By thee are resting.

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