II. Die Engel

Maayan Voss de Bettancourt, Mezzo Soprano/Shawn Chang, Piano
Ross Crean/Text by Rainer Maria Rilke


Copyright 2017 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP

Composed by Ross Crean. Text by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Performed by:
Maayan Voss de Bettancourt, Mezzo Soprano
Shawn Chang, Piano

World Premiere at Opera America for the OperaRox Productions' New Works Concert as a part of the 2017 New York Opera Fest.



II. The Angel

They all have weary tongues
and bright, seamless souls.
And a yearning (as for sin) sometimes goes through their dream.
They all seem so alike;
in God's garden silent they remain, like many, many intervals
in his power and melody.
Only when their wings spread out, are they the awakeners of a wind:
as if God with his broad hands
of a sculptor went through the pages of the beginning's dark book.

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