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The Great God Pan: An Opera in Two Acts (The Workshop Versions)


Sarah Thompson Johansen
Ross Michael Crean


"Gethsemane" is Helen's aria from Ross Crean's opera, "The Great God Pan", based of off Arthur Machen's iconic horror novella. Here, Helen is praying to Pan for his help in her plan to bring a new age to the Victorian world of London and beyond. Sung by Sarah Thompson Johansen, Soprano. 

Copyright 2015 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.



Lord of the Wood,
Keeper of field and pasture,
Wind in the Willows,
All alone, yet all-encompassing,
Please hear me,
Horned one, Lover, Father.
Come through from night
And over the ocean!
With blessed tidings 
Greet this night.
Shackles of this Iron Age
Kept us from our very own Arcadia,
But now...

We rise,
To turn the tides of such esteem,
That lead these blind ones to grieve
The longings that were freely given them,
So now they fear true sovereignty.

...And we will free them.
They will know pleasures
That can only come
From the Wood.