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The Great God Pan: An Opera in Two Acts (The Workshop Versions)

Helen's Prophecy Before the Fall

Nicole Diana Chamberlin
Ross Michael Crean


"Helen's Prophecy Before the Fall" is Helen's final aria from Ross Crean's opera, "The Great God Pan", based of off Arthur Machen's iconic horror novella. Here, Helen is faced with an ultimatum by Villiers, Clarke, and Austin, to hang herself or suffer exposure for her deeds. Sung by Nicole Diana Chamberlin, Soprano. Pianists: John Cockerill and Stephen Uhl. Visit for more information.

Copyright 2015 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne/ASCAP


So this is my betrayal,
And you, my Judas Iscariot!
You Pharisees!
Please open your eyes,
See the true dark night!
See the starry skies!
See the one true Harbinger of Light!

We will raise the living dead
Through the power of horned head,
Cloven foot and revelry.
Thus the Lord of Trickery will
Set this mortal coil on fire
With every succulent desire.
Pan is all, and all is Pan,
And we will hence return again!