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The Great God Pan: An Opera in Two Acts (The Workshop Versions)

In the Garden

Erin Moll
Ross Michael Crean


"In the Garden" is Rachel's aria from Ross Crean's opera, "The Great God Pan", based of off Arthur Machen's iconic horror novella. Here, Rachel, a childhood friend and of Helen's, is in the Wood searching for her mysterious companion. Sung by Erin Moll, Mezzo-Soprano. Prepared piano accompaniment by Stephen Uhl. 

Copyright 2015 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.



Are you fair, or more like me,
Ugly as jimson weed?
The strongest seas can't wash away
The poisons left in me.

Well, I can't stand on solid ground
Without you haunting me...
Without you holding me.

Are you here, blending within
The trembling burning bushes?
The movements just give you away,
So I'll remain here amongst the flowers and the thrushes,
Til you come up from your hiding place.

And I'll remain in slumber
Through the thoughtless snow's mistakes.
And just in case the chill does break,
I'll stand here, still, awake.