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The Great God Pan: An Opera in Two Acts (The Workshop Versions)

The Second Fragment

Erin Moll & Daniel Johanson
Ross Michael Crean


"The Second Fragment" is Austin & Villiers' duet from Ross Crean's opera, "The Great God Pan", based of off Arthur Machen's iconic horror novella. Here, Austin & Villiers tell of their trip to the Welsh town of Caermaen, where the original horrific events of Helen's youth took place, as well as the ancient discoveries they find hidden there. Sung by Erin Moll, Mezzo-Soprano, and Daniel Johanson, Bass-Baritone. Piano accompaniment by John Cockerill and Prepared Piano by Stephen Uhl.

Copyright 2015 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.


Ever curious, and in reading Clarke's Memoir,
We traveled to the town of Caermaen,
Where the first events took place.

Things have changed there as the time passed,
And the villagers know nothing of what happened there,
In those infernal fields,
Where the sun shines warm upon
Those cursed incidents.

There is now a museum for the Roman remains.
It was there that we saw a stone square pillar,
Which was found by the Old Roman Road.

On the side of the pillar, an inscription,
But no one could tell us where the carvings were made.

It said "To the great god Nodens,
God of the great abyss.
Flavius Senilis built this pillar
To exalt the marriage which resolved beneath the shade.