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The Great God Pan: An Opera in Two Acts (The Workshop Versions)

The Third Fragment

Chris Anderson
Ross Michael Crean


"The Third Fragment" is Raymond's aria from Ross Crean's opera, "The Great God Pan", based of off Arthur Machen's iconic horror novella. Here, Raymond is writing his accounts of bringing up Helen, as well as his assistance in her existence on this plain. Sung by Chris Anderson, Baritone. 

Copyright 2015 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.


My Dear Clarke,
Nothing you've written has surprised me.
Your drawings, and the actual face;
The likeness is astounding,
But you've seen Helen's mother.
So much woe began that summer.
Mary saw the Great God Pan,
And she laid with the Great God Pan.
Helen Vaughan was born nine months from that night.

You were right to call me a fool,
For when the when the house of life is thrown open,
There may enter what we have no name for,
And flesh may become the veil for the thing with no name.
The evils you've have witnessed surprised me but little.
I knew what I invited the moment it was born.

I gave it playmates.
You can guess what kind.
Each one had ended in blood incarnate.
I could bear it no longer,
So I sent it away.

She just wanted playmates,
More doorways to usher in the Great God Pan.
We shall ne'er see the Great God Pan.
You've closed the door,
Sent her back,
And now Helen's with her companions.