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Rosśa Crean is a multi-genre recording artist and composer, so don't be afraid of the variety! You can also listen to a lot of Rosśa's work at Soundcloud by clicking here.

Rosśa is always for hire for multimedia and film projects as well. Check out the COMPOSITIONS page to listen to past works!

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Call for Scores Announced! 

Rosśa has announced an open call for scores from composers interested in writing for bass voice, either solo, with a solo instrument, or with experimental prerecorded or live electronics. For anyone interested, please send scores to with the subject heading "Call for Scores".

Duration of piece is open, though 2-5 minute pieces are preferred.

Any language (or no language) is good!

For information about what Rosśa is looking for vocally, please look here: Rossa_Crean_Voice_Info.pdf


The next installment of Rosśa Crean Presents features the world premiere of their newest opera "The Harbingers" on Halloween Night 2019 at the historic Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago. Created with librettist Kendra Leonard, the acapella opera tells the story of several harbingers of death who convene on Halloween Night to judge the fate of a recently departed soul.

A performance of Crean's "Twilight Lifts the Veil: an unaccompanied song cycle for All Hallows Eve" will open the evening, performed by soprano…

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"The Priestess of Morphine" World Premiere in Chicago's International Museum of Surgical Sciences 

The International Museum of Surgical Science presents the newest work from composer Rosśa Crean and librettist Aiden Kim Feltkamp. “The Priestess of Morphine” informs and pays tribute to Jewish lesbian erotic writer Marie-Madeleine, whose works the Nazis attempted to destroy during World War II. Much of her work was seen as “contrary to societal standards on morality,” including Sapphic themes and odes to her dependence on morphine. Tickets can be bought HERE!


Marie-Madeleine was a…

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"The Watchtower Psalms" World Premiere by The New Consort...Connecticut and New York 

Rosśa's commission for The New Consort, an American Prize winning ensemble in Chamber Music, is being premiered April 5th through 7th, 2019 in both Connecticut and New York. "The Watchtower Psalms," a multi-movement work for five voices, was inspired by the Enochian experiments in angelic communication by John Dee and Edward Kelley in the 17th Century. Tickets can be bought HERE!

Rosśa explains the background behind their creation of this piece:

"Since I was 18, I have had a fascination with the 16th…

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Three Rosśa Crean Premieres in One Night at Illinois State University!!! 

Rosśa will be a resident artist at Illinois State University this coming March through the Arts Technology and Music Departments. They will premiering three new pieces on March 28th, 2019, at the Center of Performing Arts, and all pieces will involve electro-acoustic elements. They will be sharing this opportunity with baritone Matthan Black!

"Schöne Gespielin" (Exquisite Playmate): From Sonnet 25 of the First Part of Rilke’s “Sonnets to Orpheus.” In memory of young Vera Knoop, who died aged 18. She had…

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"Twilight Lifts the Veil" (for unaccompanied voice) - Audio Now Available 

Audio from Ross' song cycle for unaccompanied voice, "Twilight Lifts the Veil," is now available under the COMPOSER link. Written for All Hallows Eve, and performed by the extraordinary soprano Katherine Bruton, the cycle was recorded and filmed at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago, IL on October 31st, 2018. Recorded by Daniel Johanson and directed by Maureen Smith. Sheet music is available HERE!

"Ross Crean Presents: A Queer Engagement" Opens in Chicago August 17 & 18, 2018! 

 Crean presents a celebration of queer classical works! We begin with a cabaret of LGBTQ+ vocal pieces, followed by the Chicago premiere of Ross Crean and Aiden K. Feltkamp's new one-act opera, which serves as a sequel to Mozart's “Don Giovanni.” Click HERE for details and tickets!

A Queer Engagement Cabaret

Claire DiVizio, Soprano
Tom Bailey, Tenor
Angela Born, Soprano
LaRob Payton, Baritone
Caesar Sanchez, Tenor

The Times Are Nightfall

This 1950’s pulp-style story explores themes of rape culture and…

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"The Times Are Nightfall" to premiere at the National Opera Center on July 1st, 2018!!! 

Witness the workshop premiere of composer Ross Crean and librettist Aiden K. Feltkamp's new micro opera, which follows Anna and Elvira in the aftermath of Mozart's Don Giovanni. This grindhouse-style story explores themes of rape culture and grief through the lens of two women who find solace in the most unexpected place: one another.

Fully staged with costumes, English supertitles, and piano accompaniment.

Reception to follow with cast and creative team.


Anna - Chloë Schaaf

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THE GREAT GOD PAN - Chicago World Premiere 

MARCH 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18*, 2018 | 7:30PM (*3PM)
at Chopin Theatre
Music and Libretto by Ross Crean
Based on Arthur Machen’s novella

For tickets, simply click HERE!

Described by Stephen King as "one of the best horror stories ever written. Perhaps the best in the English language." 

The Great God Pan takes its story from an eponymous 1890 novella by Welsh author Arthur Machen, which explores themes of scientific hubris, transcendental medicine, and unexplainable supernatural…

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"The Great God Pan" Out Now!!! 

Ross' opera "The Great God Pan," an adaptation of the 1890 novella by Arthur Machen, is now available on recording through Navona Records/Naxos of America. For purchasing options, please go to the BUY page.

Chicago-based composer Ross Crean’s opera The Great God Pan soars in this new release, the first collaboration between the composer and PARMA recordings. The Great God Pan takes its story from an eponymous 1890 novella by Welsh author Arthur Machen, which explores themes of scientific hubris…

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