The Alchemist (2020)

33" x 40" Acrylic Paint and Water on Canvas

I painted this piece, a collection of six 10x20 canvases, October 24, 2020 as part of a live painting on Instagram for Lakeside Inn in Lakeside, MI. This synesthesia painting was created while listening to the Spectral Quartet's "Experiments in Living."

A Warrior's Funeral (for RBG)

Acrylic paint and water on 24 x 36 canvas

The night Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away, I feared what was going to become of our country. I went to the studio and painted that fear, but also the celebration of a life that knew so many challenges, and conquered each one until she knew it was her time to let go.

All I Feel and See (2020)

96" x 120" Acrylic Paint and Water on plastic sheeting

This larger piece was the result of a video installation I created for ChamberQueer in NYC. I listened to a recording of soprano Danielle Buonaiuto singing three of my vocal miniatures which I composed, and while I played those recordings on loop, I recorded a time-lapse of this piece of an old plastic tarp that was near the end of its use. This way, I was able to give it new purpose.

A Different Kind of Mend (2020)

48" x 48" Acrylic Paint and Water on canvas

The blue spoke to me first. It invaded every part of my brain until I had to listen and let it speak. That is what resistance to change and healing can lead to. Let yourself transform with loving gentle attention and kindness. Healing from trauma does not have to be a struggle if you open yourself to it and listen to your body.

What Others Think I Should Be Painting (2020)

48" x 48" Acrylic Paint and Water on Canvas

It is inevitable that at some point, people who see your art will have the courage to approach you and "suggest" that you create a certain way, mainly to appease their own discomfort with what they may not understand. This piece is a response to that. Create what YOU want to create, and let no one dictate what your intuition already communicates.

Saffron (2020)

48" x 48" Acrylic paint and water on canvas

During the Pandemic, I was able to find a wonderful herbal shoppe in New Buffalo, MI. The owner had a ton of saffron flower for sale, so I bought a bag and was enamored with the color for days until I decided to paint this. Also, I love using paint scrapers for painting!

The Calmest Light (2020)

60" x 48" Acrylic paint and water on canvas

This piece was a commission from the Little Gallery at the Lakeside Inn in Lakeside, MI. I tend to look to the liminal in my works, and for this one, I treated my process as a liminal and elemental ritual involving tarot. You may see a stormy sky with a moon at its center, but with enough study and viewing, you may see some other things come into view.

White Rhino (2020)

48" x 60" acrylic paint with water on canvas

I painted this piece in April 2020 while isolating in Michigan, and was chatting with another guest on the grounds about the concept of ego. This piece feels like a challenge to my ego. I let things flow without my imposter syndrome setting in, and a surprise showed itself. That surprise was the figure of my guest standing on his own down in the left hand corner.

i Love You, but i Need Another Year (2019)

60' x 48" Acrylic paint and water on canvas

This was a piece I created when healing over the breakdown a relationship I desperately needed to be over. I wanted to convey the undertones of hope and growth out of an incredibly chaotic emotional state. 

In the Garden of the Illusive Francine (2019)

36" x 36" Acrylic paint and water on canvas

This was the first painting I completed during my first week as resident artist at Lakeside Inn. 

Kingdoms are Created Through a Naive Melody (2019)

20" x 36" Acrylic paint and water on table leaf

This was a commission by a couple who wanted me to listen to Talking Heads' "This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)" while painting this table leaf for their dining room table. When not in their table, it is fixed to hang on the wall of their dining room. Multifunctional!