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Taladh Chriosta (The Christ-Child's Lullaby)

Ross Crean

Singer-Songwriter Ross Crean brings us a new Celtic holiday single in Gaelic. Drones, melodica, and Crean's soothing Baritone make this an ideal Christmas song for those Celtophiles.

Traditional Hebridean Folksong Arranged by Ross Crean Copyright 2013 Ross Crean/Knight & Thorne Music/ASCAP

Recorded at the Morgan Studio, Chicago, IL

All voices and instrumentation by Ross Crean

Taladh Chriosta (The Christ-Child's Lullaby)

Mo ghaol, mo ghradh, a's m' fheudail thu, M' ion'ntas ur a's n' eibhneas thu, Mo mhacan aluinn ceutach thu, Cha 'n fhiu mi fein bhi 'd dhail.

Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah.

Mo ghaol an t-sùil a sheallas tlath! Mo ghaol an chridhe tha liont’ le gràdh! Ged as leanabh Thu gun chàil, Is lìonmhor buaidh tha ort a’ fàs.

Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah.

Ge d' is leanamh diblidh thu, Cinnteach 's Righ nan Righrean thu. 'S tu 'n t-oighre dligheach, firinneach Air Rioghachd Dhé nan gràs.

Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah, Aleluiah.


My love, my love and my treasure are You, My treasure and my joy are You, My lovely, becoming son are You, I'm not worthy of being near You.

My love whose eye has tender gaze! My love whose heart is full of love! Though you are a babe without fault, You grow in victory.

Though You're a feeble baby for sure, The King of Kings are You. You're the rightful, true heir Of the Kingdom of God of the graces.

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