Livestream Premiere of "Nightingale Songs" April 14th!!!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during these chaotic times. Since being in Quarantine, I have been written musical miniatures for several musicians. My friend and collaborator, librettist Bea Goodwin, approached me with several small poems several weeks back, and I decided to create a cycle using those texts called "Nightingale Songs." 

Nightingale songs began as bits of poem pieces extracted from Bea's diaries during the fall of the Kavanaugh hearings. The image of Philomela & birds flew from the page in an attempt to take back control of women's sexuality. The following songs, raw and genuine, are tiny shards of glass from a very broken time. Rosśa used the sentiment of each poem, as well as their own synesthesia, to compose melodic phrases based on the colors they were seeing: hues of rich browns, saffron, periwinkle, violet, and ruby red.


Maureen Batt sings Crossing Borders: Living Room Edition 

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Crossing Borders: Living Room Edition 

Just you, me, and your device :) 

The program (in no particular order): 

Girlfriends (Stephen Bachicha) for solo sop 
June #2 (Melissa Dunphy) for looper pedal and sop 
La Guardavoces (Melissa Vargas Franco) for solo sop 
The Bliss of Fatigue (Monica Pearce*) for wine glass, toy piano, and sop 
Ice Kaleidoscope (Bob Bauer*) for sop and electroacoustics 
Quatrain (Daniel Gardner*) for sop and electronics 
For broken and tired am I (Matthew Emery*) for soprano and piano (feat. Cheryl Duvall - Pianist on piano) 
Nightingale Songs** (Rosśa Crean) for solo sop 

*Canadian Composer 
**World première 

Program notes, song texts, and composer information will be emailed to you before the concert. 

The concert is part of the recital series Crossing Borders, which puts Canadian music together and in dialogue with music from other countries. The series pushes geographical, musical, and metaphorical thresholds. This program includes works that have been on previous season’s programs as well as a world première. 

With sounds of ice crackling, to dreaming of blissful sun basking, to contemplating a blurred reality, this program of living classical contemporary composers explores themes of compassion, isolation, and joy.

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